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terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2014

Anvil - Forged in Fire [1983] - Canada

E prossegue a saga anviliana! 3º disparo dessa foderosa banda e por incrível que pareça esse play supera o grandioso “Metal On Metal”, mas cada um tem a sua importância. Supera em peso, técnica, nas letras bem sacadas, na produção, na qualidade, prova do amadurecimento dessa grande banda e eu não canso de dizer que é uma das mais importantes da história do Heavy Metal. Um álbum repleto de clássicos a começar pelo hino metálico “Forged In Fire”, a destrutiva “Shadow Zone” e as magníficas “Free As The Wind”, “Future Wars” e “Motormount”. O que mais dizer? Sim, a exemplo do anterior, esse é um dos melhores plays de todos os tempos. É Heavy Metal em toda sua grandiosidade e plenitude. Anvil, Metal forjado a fogo! Clássico absoluto!!!

The second of Anvil's two influential cult classics, Forged in Fire essentially refines the blueprint laid out on Metal on Metal, showing a band more firmly in control of its muse.Lips' vocal performance is more polished and varied, yet no less unhinged; the technical riffery of the uptempo numbers is even more challenging; and Robb Reiner delivers a jaw-dropping performance, pulling out his genre-changing double-bass-drum technique on nearly every song and never letting the record's momentum flag. Even with all the blistering intensity on display here, Forged in Fire isn't the all-out assault of Kill 'Em All; Anvil lacked the darker visions of the coming thrash movement, clearly having too much fun to conjure a tough-guy image. (For all their accomplishments, you've never seen Metallica play a guitar solo with a vibrator, have you?) The heart of the album lies in the speed metal mayhem: classics like "Shadow Zone," "Future Wars," and the awe-inspiring "Winged Assassins" sit next to equally crazed-sounding porno songs in the, um, evocatively titled "Butter-Bust Jerky" and "Motormount," the latter of which takes cars-and-sex metaphors to graphic new heights (or depths). However, the band changes things up often enough to prevent monotony; the title track is a slow, head-pounding anthem, while the metal paean "Free as the Wind" and the groupie tribute "Hard Times -- Fast Ladies" strike a controlled balance between velocity and accessibility. As with Metal on Metal, the weakest moments come when the band tries to go midtempo and melodic, such as the Dave Allison-sung "Never Deceive Me." Still, Reiner's performance elevates even the occasional lesser material, making the whole feel a bit more consistent than its predecessor. Although Metal on Metalis the more historically important release, Anvil aficionados often rate Forged in Fire as the slightly better of the two simply by virtue of sheer musicality. This would be Anvil's last hurrah as heavy metal torchbearers; in 1983 alone, Def Leppard and Quiet Riot kicked off metal's conquest of the pop charts, while debut albums from Metallica and Slayer obliterated all standards of extremity in the metal underground. In the coming years, those two increasingly divergent paths left scant middle ground for straight-ahead metal practitioners like Anvil, and by the time the band recovered its creative and professional momentum, it was too late.

Track listing:

1."Forged in Fire" 4:45
2."Shadow Zone"   4:00
3."Free as the Wind" 5:38
4."Never Deceive Me" 3:35
5."Butter-Bust Jerky" 3:20
6."Future Wars" 3:11
7."Hard Times - Fast Ladies" 3:49
8."Make It Up to You"3:31
9."Motormount" 3:43
10."Winged Assassins" 3:46

All songs written by Anvil


Steve "Lips" Kudlow - vocals, guitar
Dave Allison - guitar, lead vocals on "Never Deceive Me"
Ian Dickson - bass, backing vocals
Robb Reiner - drums

Format: Mp3 (320 kbps)
Total Size: 

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